Our main service is road freight.

As spedition company we're ready to give you vehicles with capacity from 1 to 24t:
- mega trailers,
- semi-trailers,
- tilts,
- refrigerators,
- hooked refrigerators,
- jumbo,
- isotherms.
We guarantee fast and timly delivery.

experienced team of freight forwarders provides you professional and complex services.

Doing the job we consequently realize our strategy EVERY TIME IN TIME.

We constantly strive to consistency and order in delivery fulfillment procedures. Our transports are always in the destination in established earlier time.

You can check the position of the vehicle any time.

To ensure service quality and completeness, we work closely with customs brokers, customs authorities, customs terminals, including the customs terminal supplied with special equipment as well as the satisfaction of the customer's specific needs.

We have freight insurance and, on request, we covenant cargo insurance.

Welcome – try us!